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Dutch client decides to visit Myanmar in 2022
Rattan & Bamboo, Interview
June 28, 2022

It is the beginning of a heavy rainy season in tropical Myanmar in July but Mrs. Ellen Brouwer from the Netherlands is happily visiting the city of Yangon to develop new collections for her portfolio in time for the Ambiente Fair 2023. Mrs. Ellen Brouwer is the founder and now managing director and designer of her company that primarily imports rattan and bamboo lanterns, furniture and home decoration accessories from Myanmar.

Mrs. Brouwer explained that she used to visit Myanmar every year since she started her business, ELMY INTERIORS BV (www.elmyinteriors.com), 26 years ago. However, in 2020 and 2021, due to Covid-19 breakout in the Europe and in Myanmar, she had to postpone her visits but in 2022, she felt it was time to resume with new products developments as the prospects of the 2023 Ambiente Fair finally happening after 2 years of cancellation is high.

Mrs. Brouwer speaks fondly of her Burmese production team in Yangon and the village production team in Yegyi, of which she has visited several times and met with the weavers. She shares her views about how the Burmese rattan is heavier than others she has seen in the international market. And according to her experience, there is quite a high demand for the Burmese products in the market, especially handmade products in the home decoration sector. Despite the political unrest overshadowing the beautiful nation at this moment, she has not lost hope and sees nothing but a bright future for her and her Burmese family.

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