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Red Carpet Service

MRBEA is the association of rattan and bamboo SMEs and entrepreneurs from Myanmar. MLA is the association that unites all of Myanmar’s lacquerware artists and entrepreneurs. Both associations are well-versed in their respective sector’s practices and we are here to offer a useful roadmap to all potential partners and clients. We are here to help.

Supplier Matching Service

We can recommend and introduce to suitable and reputable suppliers based on buyers’ requirements.

Export Procedure Guideline

We can layout the roadmap for buyers on what to prepare when importing rattan, bamboo and/or lacquerware from Myanmar. A checklist with contacts for trusted forwarding companies and customs clearance agents will be provided upon request.

Production Collaboration and Consolidation

For high quantity buyers, MRBEA and MLA can arrange production collaborations amongst the member companies to fulfil the necessary quantity.

Virtual Factory Tour

Potential buyers can request the MRBEA or MLA team to take on a virtual tour at a selected factory or factories before making a buying decision.

Third-party Factory Visit

We can provide a list of trusted third-party freelance inspectors for hire at a special fee. These inspectors can provide various services from factory visit to detailed quality inspection according to the buyer’s specifications.

Dedicated Account Management

To ensure the potential buyer’s needs and enquiries are accurately fulfilled in a timely manner, we will assign a dedicated account liaison to each case.

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