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Myanmar is home to an abundance of rattan, bamboo and lacquer tree sap, which our experienced local artisans skilfully handcraft into beautiful home products. The combination of renewable materials, traditional techniques and ethical employment makes us your ideal sustainable partner.

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Why Buy From Myanmar?

Experienced co-creators

Our producers have been developing products with buyers in >40 countries, for >10 years.

Abundant materials

Myanmar has a great untapped supply of renewable high-density rattan and bamboo and the high durability of lacquer sap.

Skilled craftspeople

70% of our artisans are women, specialised in unique traditional weaving styles and patterns.

Local communities

Our business directly benefits our rural communities, where capacity is vastly expandable.

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Towards truly sustainable bamboo and rattan forests

Myanmar is rich in natural, renewable resources with plenty arable land and forests. Our rattan and bamboo industries source their raw materials entirely from these natural forests. They declare a transparent chain of custody for all raw material supplies. MRBEA and its exporting member companies advocate responsible forest management by conducting capacity-building projects and educational seminars to boost the positive impact of our industry in Myanmar. As a sector association, we aim to work hand in hand with the authorities to ensure sustainable forests.

Sustainable raw materials for lacquerware

Myanmar’s traditional lacquerware is 100% biodegradable and produced with natural raw materials, sourced locally in Myanmar. The main raw material is the sap of the lacquer tree, Melanhorrea usitata (“Thitsi” in Myanmar Language), which gives the lacquerware the signature black or red colour. The lacquer tree grows in 21 plantations around Myanmar, which are protected by the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry and the Myanmar Lacquerware Association (MLA).

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