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MRBEA and ACL Partner with The Green Donation of Japan for Bamboo Reforestation Project in Myanmar
International Co-operation
July 10, 2023
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In a remarkable initiative to promote sustainable development and harness the potential of bamboo resources, the Myanmar Rattan and Bamboo Entrepreneurs’ Association (MRBEA) joined forces with local residents to carry out a successful bamboo plantation and reforestation project in Taikkyi Township, Yangon Region.

Here are the key highlights of this noteworthy endeavor:

  1. Plantation Efforts: MRBEA, with the support of The Green Donation of Japan, meticulously prepared an approximately 4-hectare area to establish a bamboo plantation. A total of 1,800 bamboo seedlings were planted in this designated area, creating a foundation for the growth of a thriving bamboo ecosystem.
  2. Community Participation: On June 18, a group consisting of 23 individuals, including MRBEA’s chairman, Mr. Okada, local staff, and workers from related workshops, visited the plantation site. A tree planting event was organized, garnering active participation from a total of 39 individuals, including MRBEA members and enthusiastic local residents.
  3. Bamboo Selection: MRBEA carefully chose two bamboo species—Kalway-wa and Htiyo-wa—for the reforestation project. These species are widely recognized and extensively used in Myanmar due to their excellent processability and versatility. Kalway-wa, a robust species with a diameter of 20 centimeters, exhibits uniform thickness from root to tip, making it highly efficient for various processing purposes. On the other hand, the slender Htiyo-wa, with diameters ranging from 2 to 3 centimeters, possesses solid structures in some variations, making it ideal for crafting umbrellas and fishing rods.
  4. Myanmar’s Bamboo Potential: Myanmar is among the world’s top three regions, alongside China and India, renowned for bamboo cultivation. The collaboration between MRBEA and its partners aims to harness Myanmar’s rich bamboo resources to fuel industrial development. By cultivating and providing useful bamboo species like Kalway-wa and Htiyo-wa to processing areas, MRBEA strives to contribute significantly to the growth and advancement of the bamboo industry within the country.

The plantation and reforestation efforts undertaken by MRBEA not only foster environmental conservation but also hold tremendous potential for sustainable economic development. This remarkable initiative exemplifies the organization’s commitment to responsible business practices and its dedication to creating a greener, more prosperous future for Myanmar.

As MRBEA continues to pave the way for the rattan and bamboo industry in Myanmar, their collaborative efforts and engagement with local communities stand as a testament to their commitment to sustainable development and the cultivation of a vibrant bamboo ecosystem.

For more information about ACL (Asia Crafts Link), please visit their website www.acl.or.jp.

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